Petting Zoo [Evil Angel 2023] XXX WEB-DL 1080p SPLIT SCENES [XC]

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Description :

Cast :
Aiden Starr, Sheena Shaw, Sophia Burns, Tommy King

Synopsis :
Beautiful porn luminaries Sheena Shaw and Aiden Starr present wild-ass sexual cosplay in Petting Zoo, their first directorial collaboration. Sheena, Aiden and costars (Sophia Burns, Tommy King) augment lingerie and heels with cute critter ears, anal dildo tails and huge, "Zoologically" accurate strap-on cocks! The girls enjoy primal, surreal fun: gaping, foot fetish, sploshing, enormous sex toys and more. Voluptuous blonde Aiden plays the role of a predatory cat, leading captured mouse Sheena by the tail a phallic toy plugged into Sheena's asshole. Sheena rocks a tiny top, white heels, leg warmers and furry mouse ears; Aiden wears a latex corset over her big boobs, with pointy cat ears. The naughty kitten plunges a six-foot-long toy in Sheena's sphincter. Sheena's open butthole belches lube bubbles. This lesbian anal tryst escalates as Aiden churns a fat dildo in Sheena's remarkably flexible rectum, which gapes hugely and repeatedly! Sheena and voluptuous Sophia don matching bikinis and heels, their assholes clenching curly pig tail dildos. In boots and big bad wolf's ears, busty Aiden dominates the horny piglets in a threesome. Nasty fetish hooks make the girls' nostrils look like snouts! Sophia rims Sheena. Aiden pries an arsenal of slick toys into Sheena's arse. The two piggies grind ass-to-ass on a double-headed dildo, and Sophia tastes the gargantuan tool ass-to-mouth! Sheena's crinkled anus swallows an apple! When Sophia drops her derriere onto a cake, Aiden and Sheena smear the pulverized confection into her bunghole and onto their faces. Sophia's sphincter unleashes a torrent of dessert onto Sheena's face! Sheena and Tommy dress as magical winged ponies; dirty-talking Aiden sports her dominant attitude. All three strap on gigantic, freaky, anatomically accurate equine cocks! Aiden's blunt, pink-and-black stallion schlong has giant, black balls. Tommy and Sheena twerk and suck dongs; Tommy deepthroats. Sheena takes a spit-roast reaming, backing her pretty, athletic tush onto Tommy's thick, pink-and-white pony pud. Tommy lowers her fluffy rear onto Sheena's enormous, pink-and-purple-spotted pinto prick. These ponies love foot fetish! Tommy licks Sheena's dark back hole and spits into the abyss. Aiden takes Tommy's lube-slimy tool in the pussy as Sheena licks Tommy and rims Aiden. Sheena buttfucks Tommy to gaping, and Tommy sucks Sheena A2M. Special strap-ons pump creamy equine "cum" lube into Sheena's open cavern. Hot in fishnets, spotted ears and a black tail butt plug, Sheena is a sexy dog named Trixie. Neighbor dog Spike (Aiden), in sexy finery and a canine mask, is one sassy, dominant bitch. As Spike's truly massive phallus fucks Trixie's panting, slobbering mouth, Trixie's scrumptious behind bounces and her tail wags happily. Spike's metal anal hook stretches Trixie's butthole. A fat, segmented, clear glass dildo drills Trixie's lube-sloppy rear, with deep, wide gaping and lewd rectal noises! Spike sodomizes Trixie. Titty fuck: Spike slickens her colossal jugs and buries Trixie's tool in cleavage. And Spike's twat grips Trixie's strap-on. In a solo spectacle, Sheena shakes her bushy toy skunk tail. She plunges a long-stemmed gourd into her anus and stuffs her pussy with more dick-shaped produce. Sheena chews up jelly cake and then lewdly spits the masticated slop into a pumpkin, to mix with its pulpy marrow. She makes a spectacular mess, letting the jack-o-lantern's seedy mush gush over her fine body! Sheena smears handfuls of the gooey squash on her pretty face, torso and perfect butt.

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