Stooping To Her Level [Pure Taboo] (2023) HD 1080p Split Scenes

Image Of Stooping To Her Level [Pure Taboo] (2023) HD 1080p Split Scenes
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Description :

Year of release: 2023
Genre: 18+ Teens, Family Roleplay, Feature, Lesbian
Duration: 01:12:00

Studio: Pure Taboo
Cast: Gabbie Carter, Indica Monroe, Jane Wilde, Spencer Bradley
English language

Heidi (Spencer Bradley) is visiting her parent, Janice. As they talk, Janice fretfully admits that she's worried about Heidi's stepsister, Tara (Indica Monroe). She's always been a bit of a troublemaker and now she wants to move out on her own, although Janice doesn't think Tara's ready. Since Heidi's always been such a good girl, Janice asks if Heidi will let Tara move in with HER for a bit to hopefully rub off on her. Will Heidi give into temptation? Katie (Gabbie Carter) is curled up miserably on her bed. She's been too depressed to go to school for the past few days, but today she has no choice but to go back. Later that day, Katie spots her schoolmate Maria (Jane Wilde), who is wearing a cheerleading uniform. Katie's eyes narrow with contempt, and she decides to follow Maria to her home..

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